The Fortune Oil PLC's website accommodates visually impaired users. For each page which contains images, a text-only alternative page can be accessed by clicking on the printer-friendly icon at the top of the page. Additionally, images utilize the ALT attribute with IMG tags in order to provide a descriptive phrase which will appear as alternatives to images in text-only browsers (i.e. Lynx).

Individuals may also want to adjust their browser preferences or options. For instance:

Web browser software contains an area where the user, can set preferences. For instance, in "Netscape Navigator" the user can select the font, set the size of text, the background colour, the colour to be displayed by hyperlinks.

Web browsers can be set so that they will not load images. This benefits individuals who use screen-reading software with a voice synthesizer.

Macintosh users with the Apple System 7.5 text-to speech software installed, can have text to "spoken" by cutting and pasting text from a website to Simple Text and choosing Command-H.

Windows users can choose pw WebSpeak as their browser. This is a "talking" browser designed for efficient WWW access by people with visual impairments, dyslexia, and learning disabilities.

Text-only browsers, such as Lynx (DOS), can be downloaded at, and used in conjunction with screenreading software